Pet Food Donations in High Demand to Meet Needs of Those Facing Hardships

It was recently announced that the Humane Society is trying to help animals of pet owners in need by teaming up with the Advertising Council for a series of PSAs called Pets and People Together. Community members are being asked to donate pet food for animals to local food banks that accept it. And they aren’t the only ones right now asking the public for help with pet food donations. Shelters and rescues across the country are asking for help with this right now, too.

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Rising Prices

With the cost of everything being so high, pet food and pet supplies are beyond many Americans’ budgets right now — especially as the holidays approach. Animal food banks often come to the rescue, but many of them are out of supplies, that’s how great the need has been of late. Groups like Cody’s Friends frequently end up providing pet food donations to animal food banks, shelters, and rescues, but they need people’s help to make it happen. If you’re in a position to help, please don’t hesitate to buy bags of dry food and cans of wet food to distribute in your area. Your help can be the difference between having to surrender a family pet and being able to keep it.

Keeping Pets with Family

Animal shelters are working hard to keep pets with their families as a way to lighten the loads they’re under with overflowing kennels. When it gets too bad, they are faced with having to euthanize otherwise healthy animals. This is a heartbreaking decision for them. And they certainly don’t want to do it, but unless more people step up to foster, their hands are tied. This is happening in 2022 to shelters that are ordinarily considered no-kill status. No one wants to think of pets being put down because of food shortages that lead to surrender and then overcrowding.

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How to Help

Go online and do a search for shelters in your area by including your ZIP code. The results will yield facilities in your general location that take in pets. It could be your county shelter, the Humane Society, or other animal shelters working to save animals’ lives. These places are always looking for towels and blankets, too. So, if you have any you can spare, ask where you can drop them off. One thing you should know is that they don’t want blankets or quilts lined with any cotton batting, as the dogs will tear them apart and staff or volunteers will have to clean it up. In addition to donating food or supplies, you can also consider donating to a local veterinarian to cover medical costs for those who aren’t in a position to afford it right now. Be a hero and donate today!

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