Zoo in Australia Shares Cute Footage of Animals Unwrapping Christmas Treats

Christmas snacks and Christmas gifts are two of the reasons we enjoy the holidays, and some cute otters in Australia got to have both as a packaged deal this year.

On Christmas Day, Perth Zoo in Western Australia shared a video of their Asian small-clawed otters getting into wrapped presents in their enclosure. The animals played around with the small parcels on land and in the water. Once they finally opened them, they found some of their favorite foods.

The discovery gives way to some lip-smacking and otter-ly adorable snacking footage. Just goes to show that we’re all apt to indulge during the holidays!

This isn’t the first time the otters at this zoo have been able to enjoy seasonal treats. On Easter, they were also given frozen fish in the shape of Easter eggs to enjoy. They had to dig through an Easter basket to find them. Afterward, they took naps in the wood wool in the baskets.

The zoo says this serves as a good enrichment activity for the otters, giving them a problem to solve to be able to enjoy their treat.

The Asian small-clawed otter is the world’s smallest otter and can be found in the wild in rivers, streams, lakes, rice paddies, and estuaries in Asia. It eats crabs, fish, and small mollusks. The species is considered threatened due to habitat destruction, being hunted for their skins, and being caught and injured in fishing nets.

These sociable animals live in small groups of relatives and pair for life.

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