Great Pyrenees Found Tied To A Sled Learns How To Walk Again

A Great Pyrenees abandoned outside a rescue has learned how to walk again!

The senior pooch was dumped outside the Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association and things didn’t look good for the dog at first.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

According to USA Today, Perry was found tied to sled outside the rescue with a quickly scribbled note that read, “Over 10 yrs old. Can no longer walk.”

The rescue shared on Facebook that their initial testing revealed that Perry was suffering from a nasty skin infection also tested positive for two tick-borne diseases. They immediately began treating his skin and gave him pain medication while waiting on his X-ray results.

In an interview shared by USA Today, Wanderers’ Rest Humane Assocation’s animal care coordinator, Mason Groesbeck, explained that after a more thorough assessment, vets finally discovered why Perry couldn’t walk. It wasn’t because he had some debilitating disease or broken bones. It was simply because he needed a haircut!

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

Mason explained that Perry’s fur was so tight and matted to his skin that it physically hurt to move.

According to the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue, it’s not advised to shave the coat of a Great Pyrenees because they have what’s called a double coat. Their top coat can be trimmed and often falls out, but their basecaot is what keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can also help prevent a build-up of moisture and dirt on their skin. In short, shaving their fur can leave them susceptible to overheating, getting sunburned, and other skin and weather-related ailments.

Knowing that, rescuers were hesitant to shave Perry’s coat but seeing how extreme his situation was, they decided it would be the best move – and it’s a good thing they did!

Once Perry was shaved and in physical therapy, he not only stood up on his own but he began to walk again!

Wanderer’s Rest Humane Society was thrilled to share Perry’s progress on Facebook.

At first, they shared that Perry was strong enough to stand up on his own and even walk a little with help. But then the real magic came when not even a month later they were sharing videos of Perry walking obstacle courses on his own!

Once Perry was medically cleared, he found a sweet placement in a foster home.

His foster mom, Susie Salvage, shared about him on Facebook, writing:

“Perry has shown some astronomical growth. He is so much stronger. Life has been brought back into his eyes. And its been wonderful seeing him happy and knowing that we have been part of that. He touches the lives of everyone he meets.”

She went on to say that Perry would do best in a home with few stairs, no cats, no small children, no other dogs, and he’d love a fenced yard.

If you’d like to see more of Perry’s story, you can check out the video below:

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