Men Use ‘Period Pain Stimulator’ To Feel What Menstrual Cramps Are Like

Anyone who has a period knows that menstrual cramps are no joke. Different people experience different levels of pain and discomfort, ranging from mild cramps to intense pain.

Despite the sometimes debilitating pain that women experience each month while menstruating, period cramps aren’t a socially acceptable reason to opt out of activities, call in sick from work, or otherwise skirt responsibilities.

Women are expected to continue working, cooking, cleaning, caring for kids, and doing everything like normal – even when dealing with awful menstrual pain and cramps.

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Of course, men don’t menstruate so they have no way of knowing what it’s really like to deal with period pain. But that might be changing.

A period product company called Somedays is going viral for using a machine, a period pain stimulator, to allow men to feel what menstraul cramps are like.

Photo: TikTok/@getsomedays

The machine has different “levels” of cramps, with level four being an “average” cramp feeling and level 10 being the most extreme.

The company shares videos of men trying the machine on TikTok and people are loving their reactions!

Photo: TikTok/@getsomedays

In one video, a couple did the stimulator together. The woman seemed unphased at a level 7, saying it was like normal period cramps. The man was sweating though and didn’t even want to stand! He admitted that he’d call into work if he felt pain like that.

@getsomedays @thebirdspapaya “feels like early stage labour” *doesnt flinch* 😂. #periodpain #endo #periodtiktok #periodproblems ♬ original sound – @somedays

In another video, a girl’s “sweet boyfriend” tried the stimulator and you could see on his face how uncomfortable he felt.

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The company even got a cowboy to give it a try! The man made it all the way to level 10 on the stimulator and let out a “yeehaw” at the end.

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You can see more men trying the period pain stimulator on the Somedays TikTok, @getsomedays.

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