Couple Picks The “Perfect” Baby Name For Their Daughter But She Comes Early And Ruins It

They say when you’re having a baby you should throw all plans and expectations out the window. There’s simply too much out of your control to worry about it.

However, expectant parents often have to learn this lesson the hard way, which is something a couple from Australia recently went through.

TikTok user Tiffany Brett shared in a now-viral video that she and her partner had picked out the perfect name for their daughter but things didn’t quite go as planned.

You see, their daughter was due on May 17th, so they chose the name “Eleanor May” to match the month.

Photo: TikTok/@tiffanybrett6

However, little Eleanor ended up arriving a few weeks early and made her welcome to the world on the last day of April.

Since the name was already picked out, the parents decided to keep it as Eleanor May, even though she wasn’t actually born in that month. It was the perfect name, but their daughter’s timing ruined it for them.

Photo: TikTok/@tiffanybrett6

Tiffany shared the video with the text overlay: “When your baby’s middle name is May bc she was due May 17th but she arrives on the last day of April.” She added in the caption, “We didnt change it either.”

Check out the video for yourself down below:


We didnt change it either 😂

♬ original sound – girls

It’s still a cute name!

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