Poll Finds People Take More Pictures Of Their Pets Than Kids

If there is one thing that people love doing, it’s taking pictures. If there’s something else that they enjoy doing, it’s sharing them on social media.

Since we all take so many pictures and we have the convenience of doing so with our phones and other electronic items, there has been an interesting research project taking place. The research was to determine how many pictures people take of their pets and how many they take of their children.

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch

Maytag decided to look into this and they used OnePoll to get in touch with 2000 people who owned dogs and cats. They asked them about the pictures they have taken, and the responses were rather surprising. According to a press release:

35% of respondents said they had more pictures of their animals than humans.

27% of respondents said most of their pictures were of their children.

16% of respondents said that their spouse or partner held more spots in their camera roll.

Photo: Pexels/Dids

To break these numbers down even further, there were an average of 400 pictures of pets on the camera roll of pet parents. That was an annual number, and when asked, those pet parents said that they treat their animals like royalty.

25% of those who responded to the poll have birthday parties for their pets and another 25% kiss their pet on the mouth.

45% allow the pet in the family to sleep in their bed and about one-third had the pet next to them while they were either cooking or working out.

Photo: Pexels/Dominika Roseclay

About one out of every six respondents said that they have a body tattoo of their pet!

According to Whirlpool, Maytag senior brand manager, Lauren Bigger, said they were already aware that people love their pets. She said: “We throw them parties, bring them on vacations and treat them as part of the family. While we love having them by our side, we’re often left covered in hair and spending time and energy cleaning it up.”

Perhaps they weren’t even prepared for the numbers they got from the respondents.

Along with all of the positives, there were also some issues associated with pet ownership as well. 59% said that they had an issue with shedding and 85% vacuumed the floors twice a week to keep the pet hair at a minimum.

Photo: Pexels/Cong G

57% had a lint roller available in their automobile and 55% kept one in their purse. Another 23% said that the bedsheets are washed once a week because of pet hair.

Bigger went on to say: “Pet owners put in extra work when it comes to laundry day, adding time and steps to remove pet hair. With continuous innovation in the cleaning space, pet parents now have laundry solutions for their home to help them conquer pet hair like a pro.”

Despite the problems, 79% of those polled said they took their animals on vacation with them and 52% don’t quite feel complete when their animals are not nearby.

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