Redditors Discuss Trends and Social Practices that Most People Pretend to Like. Here Are Some of Their Answers

Everyone is their own person — two or more people do not always have the same preference. Someone might agree with your belief, while others dislike or will oppose it. Everyone has their own sense of individuality, and that’s a matter that requires respect. The world is full of unique and interesting people. For this reason, never assume that everybody likes a trend or a norm. People can pretend to enjoy an event, song, person, item, etc. They choose to not express their dislike as a sign of respect, or perhaps they don’t see it as a big deal.

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There are many reasons people act interested in a particular matter. Although it can also be a downer, especially when you find out that your loved one only pretends to like your cup of tea. That’s where communication built with respect and understanding enters. You can talk about it and explain your side. Interestingly, a Reddit user has started this conversation. Since then, people have come to the comment section — sharing their reasons and their experiences.

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The Redditor pstbo has already garnered 4.1k upvotes and 5.1k comments. With those numbers, you’ll surely find an answer you will relate to. Listed below are few of the comments from the Reddit discussion. One or more of these can be something you approve of or a matter you have been pretending to like most of your life.

Mandatory Corporate Fun

Not everyone in a company will feel like joining in on the “fun” when it’s forced. This is due to the reason that some people do not prefer such interactions or they have other matters outside of work. This comment from EarlyNeedleworker gained 6.3k upvotes with its own thread of replies. The word mandatory takes away the fun and puts the employees in an awkward situation. It’s even ridiculous to give consequences to workers who won’t be able to attend company events. People understand it’s a way to create a harmonious working environment, but forced interactions do not sound great.

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Over-Singing in Talent Shows

It’s amazing how talented people can hit high notes or sing one word in different notes without losing their breath, but sometimes it gets too much. People hype performances that show over-singing, even though it lacks emotion and is very offkey. “This! As a musician as well, I think it’s pretentious. We can tell you can sing, you don’t have to sing every note in the minor scale on a one syllable word,” Captain_Spectrum replied to born_in_cognito’s comment. Others also pointed out that the performance style isn’t always necessary, mainly when it doesn’t fit the song.

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Who would not love to receive gifts, right? The excitement you feel is a source of serotonin, mainly when the present is from a loved one. However, N0_Face33 reminded people that not all the gift wrappers or boxes they’ve opened made them actually happy. The comment stated, “The present no one wanted,” which received 712 upvotes. Some people are not so great at gift-giving that when you open it, you have no choice but to smile and say thanks. You’ll try hard to appreciate it, but you can’t kid yourself when you’ve expected something else.

Singing Happy Birthday

However sweet the gesture is, it’s torture to awkwardly stand in the middle while everybody sings happy birthday to you. People who do not love to be the center of attention find this ridiculous, which can sometimes trigger anxiety. It’s evident that many people dislike it because lazy-pumpkinn’s answer has gained 3k upvotes. It is more awkward when people sing for so long that the celebrant is pressured to think of how to act. ReeG replied, “standing around smiling awkwardly intensifies.”

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It is normal to not get excited about something most people are interested in. Remember that others can understand your dislike of a trend or social practice. If it’s not your cup of tea, no one should force you to change that. It’s vital to have balance in society; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you have pretended for so long, feel free to let it all out in the comment section. You might also find your people and share insights with each other.

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