Penguins Surprise Care Home Residents With Sweet Visit

It’s no secret that animals can offer a lot of love and support. There are even studies that show it’s good for our brains to pet dogs.

For those living in care homes, loneliness can be a serious issue. Even though those people might have daily interactions with care staff and other residents, it’s not the same as having close family and loved ones nearby.

Photo: Unsplash/Alexas_Fotos

Some care homes utilize animals as part of their enrichment programs for residents, but usually those animals are standard dogs or cats, perhaps a horse here and there. A care home in the UK, however, took things to another level when they welcomed a duo of penguins onto the property!

The Colne View care home in Halstead, Essex had the pleasure of hosting two black and white African penguins, Pringle and Widget.

The Colne View care home shared photos on Facebook of the two visitors interacting with their residents and it’s precious to see.

According to the Gazette Standard, 86-year-old Ruth Silverlock said it was “wonderful seeing the penguins.”

She added, “I was surprised at how tame they were. They were quite happy just sitting on my lap and they seemed to enjoy the attention from everyone.”

A staff member of the home, Tracie-Ellen Cornhill, wrote on Facebook of the experience, “Precious…absolutely the best time ever! loved the looks on our wonderful family of residents!”

The pair of penguins came from the Amazing Animals company, a UK-based supplier of animals used in the media industry.

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