This Parking Lot Conversation Between a Senior Lady and a Penguin Intrigues the Internet

Wobbly, adorable, and captivating — who wouldn’t be charmed by a penguin? People can’t help but be curious about them and gush over the cutest penguin videos on the internet. Many films and television series have referenced penguins as characters — where they’re either hilariously smart or cuddly. Through those films and television shows, people get a glimpse of talking penguins who stroll around the city.

Photo: Pixabay/krissiegwynne

The Penguins of Madagascar is a great example of that — viewers really grew fond of the four penguins ever since the first movie. If penguins could talk, there would be more reasons to love them. However, in reality, penguins don’t always get to directly interact with humans. The aquatic birds can interact with humans only in zoos, parks, and sanctuaries. Penguins are kept safe in order to secure their survival and population.

Photo: Twitter/Gabriele Corno

Fascinatingly, one penguin was found in a parking lot with an elderly woman. The video was shared on Twitter by Garbriele Corno, and it was definitely intriguing. Why would a penguin be in a parking lot? Also, the senior lady and the penguin were caught in a conversation. The penguin approached the woman as if it was observing her. It waddled and looked up at her like it was trying to understand what she was saying. The clip looked like a scene from a movie where magic might happen in the middle of their conversation. Gabriele uploaded the video with the caption, “Exchange of views in a parking lot.”

So many people were intrigued with the interaction that the tweet earned 4.6 million views, 9,601 retweets, 2,228 quote retweets, and 80.5k likes. Aside from wonder and various interpretations of the conversation for the one minute clip, other Twitter users were worried as to why a penguin randomly appeared in the parking lot. The reply section of the tweet was filled with engaging opinions that you might want to join in on. Retweet the video to spread such endearing content that will fascinate your friends’ minds.

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