Redditors Gush Over a Baby Penguin’s Way of Greeting Its Favorite Human

Animals have a special way of greeting their favorite humans after not seeing each other for a while. Dogs will tackle their pet parents, wag their tails from the doorway, or do zoomies once their human enters the house. In contrast, cats are much calmer. They’ll sweetly welcome their humans by rubbing their heads on them. Other animals also have their greeting habits where the excitement is truly evident. Your heart will immediately feel happy as you see them walk towards you. Animals can definitely express affection even in small gestures. You just know that it’s genuine and something you’ll be looking forward to every day.

Photo: Reddit/polycarbonateduser

The cute little greetings from animals are already adorable — what more if it’s in the baby animal version? For instance, a baby penguin walking its way to a caretaker. The Reddit video has made lots of people smile even though it’s only 13 seconds long. It was uploaded by polycarbonateduser with the caption, “What true happiness feels like? This.” Indeed, the clip radiates joy, and you can truly tell that the baby penguin and its human friend adore each other. Its happy feet excitedly ran to the caretaker as if it really missed her so much. The baby penguin flapped its wings out of happiness in the loving arms of the caretaker.

Photo: Reddit/polycarbonateduser

It wasn’t just the baby penguin that looked excited. The woman was all smiles while she waited for the little one to reach her. They are undeniably an adorable duo that the internet gushed over. OP gained 22k upvotes and hundreds of comments that expressed their delight with the content. “Penguins are my most favorite animal so I think I’d cry the happiest of tears at this,” ZagreusSupporter wrote. Anyone would want to be greeted like that — whether it’s from an adult or baby animal. A lot of Redditors couldn’t help but express their wish to meet a tiny penguin and see its small flapping arms.

“You know what I just realized? I will most likely go my whole life without hugging a penguin. I don’t know how I feel about this yet…” SaraSmashley commented. Being an animal caretaker is definitely a dream come true for most people. It’s a privilege to spend time with wild animals and receive genuine love from them. The job won’t feel like work, especially when surrounded by adorable creatures. One look at them can quickly brighten your day. For now, it’s best to share the content to spread happiness online. The clip is a commendable way to make someone smile today.

What true happiness feels like? This👇
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