Senior Dog Rescue Founded For Pets Whose Elderly Owners Can No Longer Care For Them

Pets are a part of the family. That makes it even more heartbreaking when their owners–due to illness, changing circumstances, and/or old age–find themselves no longer able to care for them.

This common dilemma often affects older dogs, many of whom suffer health issues of their own. After a lifetime of happiness with their beloved human, these dogs suddenly find themselves old and alone when their person winds up in a hospital or nursing home where pets aren’t allowed.

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This sad scenario led one California woman, Carie Broeker, to found a rescue specifically for all those dogs who suddenly find themselves homeless and — because they’re typically older dogs, too — and won’t do well in a traditional shelter. The aptly-named Peace of Mind Dog Rescue also reassures elderly pet owners that their beloved pets are still being cared for.

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According to Fox News, the idea for Peace of Mind Dog Rescue came to Broeker when she was visiting an elderly friend in the hospital. “I was taking care of a little spaniel mix for a lady who had emphysema,” Broeker told Fox. “She asked me if we should euthanize her [dog] … but [the dog] was healthy at seven years old.”

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue helps former pets like Sir Didymus, an 11-year-old Chiweenie who wound up at the rescue because his owner could no longer care for him.

ADOPT: Sir DidymusChiweenie | Male | 11 y/o | 17 lbs Didymus is a…

Posted by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

“Sir Didymus is a goofy older fellow who enjoys walks and snuggling,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “He gets along great with other small dogs and older dogs. He is currently living with another dog and would do well in a home with other dogs or as an only dog soaking in all of the love himself. He does get very excited to play with new friends, both of the human and canine variety.”

12-year-old Sheldon Cooper also wound up at this special rescue after being surrendered by his owner.

ADOPT: Sheldon CooperTerrier | Male | 12 y/o | 18 lbs Cooper is…

Posted by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue on Saturday, August 13, 2022

“Sheldon Cooper is a dog of many talents,” rescuers wrote on Facebook. “He is not just a theoretical physicist (as in TheBigBangTheory), but also a dog who loves long walks and snuggling!”

The California-based rescue also helps strays like Burton, a friendly 9-year-old dog picked up by animal control. But at the municipal shelter, rescuers realized the lab mix also had heartworm disease, which often leaves shelter pets at risk for euthanasia.

ADOPT BURTON 💙 Lab Mix | Male | 9 yrs | 70 lbs. handsome is…

Posted by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue on Friday, August 12, 2022

Fortunately, Burton was transferred to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, which will give the loving lab the treatment he needs to overcome heartworm and get adopted. “This gentle giant is the epitome of being easy-going,” rescuers posted on Facebook. “This sweet boy is looking for a peaceful and relaxing place where he can enjoy lots of TLC.”

In addition to rescuing and rehoming strays and surrendered pets, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue offers dog-walking services for seniors, financial aid for senior pet owners seeking veterinary care, and temporary foster care for dogs during their owners’ hospital stays.

HAPPY TAIL: LucilleThis little cutie patootie, Lucille, was adopted last week! She found a fabulous adoptive family,…

Posted by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue on Tuesday, June 7, 2022

“The volunteers you have set me up with have restored my faith in humanity,” said one senior client, according to Fox. “They have gone above and beyond for my dog!”

Learn more about Peace of Mind Dog Rescue by following them on Facebook.

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