Veterinarian Runs Dogs Through Wet Cement To Leave Pawprints In Front Of New Veterinary Clinic

When the Oakdale Veterinary Group in Oakdale, California was getting ready to open its new veterinary clinic, they came up with a special way to honor their patients.

The veterinary group shared on social media that when they laid the cement for the sidewalk in front of their building, they invited a group of dogs to run in the wet cement and leave some prints!

Photo: Instagram/@oakdaleveterinarygroup

One resident dog, Mowgli, was especially keen to get his prints in the concrete and leave his lasting mark.

The veterinary group shared a video of him walking through the cement with the caption: “King M O W G L I has put his stamp of approval on the concrete! Our new building is coming along and we can’t wait to show you.”

Photo: Instagram/@oakdaleveterinarygroup

In the clip, you can see Mowlgy meandering through the wet cement, and eventually running – leaving permanent pawprints as he goes.

You can see Mowgli leaving his pawprints in the cement in the video below:

Other dogs also had the chance to run through the cement, leaving their permanent prints behind.

Check out the sweet clip below:

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Naturally, people wanted to see the finished product, and the veterinary group was more than happy to oblige.

They shared a video of the dried prints saying, “What you’ve all been waiting for!! It’s raining here in California but there’s no stopping Mowgli from showing off his prints.”

Photo: TikTok/@oakdaleveterinarygroup

Mowgli does seem quite proud as if he knows he did something great.

You can see it for yourself below:

@oakdaleveterinarygroup Replying to @andbreezeblocks What you’ve all been waiting for!! It’s raining here in California but theres no stopping Mowgli from showing off his prints 🐾 #vetmed #oakdalevetgroup #vetmedhumor #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian #vetlife #vettech #veterinarytechnician #dvm #veterinaryclinic #greenscreenvideo ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS

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