Dog Owner Advertises “Part-Time Dog” In Hopes Of Getting Free Pet Sitting

As a loving pet owner, most people would be more than willing to do everything they possibly could to care for the dog in their home. This would include feeding them, giving them a warm place to sleep, and making sure they were cared for at all times.

At times, however, we may run into situations where we need a little assistance. Perhaps we have to go away for a few days or maybe, we just can’t stand the fact that our dog gets lonely when we leave for work in the morning. When we run into these situations, we may think about getting a dog sitter.

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Traditionally, a dog sitter is someone who loves dogs and wants to care for our dog while we are not available. Generally speaking, we would also pay them for their services, even though it is an act of love in many cases.

It seems as if one dog owner was taking advantage of the situation by posting a most unusual advertisement, which was later shared on Reddit. The advertisement began: “Do you love dogs, but you are too busy to have a full-time commitment or too much financially?”

Photo: Unsplash/Michael Jin

It went on to talk about her dog, Tedy, who they said was looking for an alternative family. As it turns out, Tedy’s mom was just looking for a free ride because it seems as if she was looking for an alternative family to take care of Teddy while she was traveling.

The ad went on to say: “My mom is happy to share me with you on [the] weekend or afternoon (as per agreement) for an exchange to look after me when she is traveling.”

This offer really struck a sour note with many people, who were upset with her obvious trick to get some free dog sitting.

Some people were upset, but others said that aside from being a little cheeky, it was actually clever and could be a win-win for the right person.

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