Watch These Adorable Parrots Enjoy Their Tropical Showers at Parrot Garden

Everybody needs to get a bath on occasion. It can help us to feel better about ourselves and even has health benefits that can’t be denied.

This isn’t only true for humans; even parrots need to get cleaned from time to time. When they get dirty, they enjoy taking a shower, but it isn’t always easy when they are living their life in a cage.

Photos: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

Fortunately, the rescued parrots at the Parrot Garden are able to get a refreshing shower and can show off their feathers at the same time.

A Tropical Shower Is The Best Shower

The shower happens every few days, providing them an opportunity to enjoy the water and feel as if they are in the tropics.

That is the preferred method for macaws and other parrots, as most of them enjoy tropical rain. It may not be as natural as what they get in the wild, but they can use it to preen and clean.

Some of the birds also enjoy getting sprayed with a mist bottle on occasion in between the tropical showers they receive.

Photos: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

When you look at these beautiful birds after the shower takes place, it’s almost as if you are seeing them smile.

Best Friends Animal Society is known for the care they give to dogs and cats. Thanks to the Parrot Garden, many birds also have an opportunity to enjoy life as well.

Some of the resident parrots include:

Tilly – Even though this cockatoo was shy when they first brought her in, she has really blossomed. These days, she loves dancing to 80s pop music.

Spiderman – This beautiful Cockatoo was not living in a good place, but after being rescued, he is all about having fun.

Simon – Nobody wanted poor Simon because he was too shy, but then a family came along that gave him the best home ever.

You can watch these birds getting clean as a whistle in the following video:

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