Parrot Town Can Help with Your Parrot’s Loneliness/Boredom and Your Sanity

Keeping birds as pets is not without its challenges. They can become sick, lonely, or bored, and it’s up to us to keep them happy and healthy. Just like kids or domestic pets, parrot breeds and other commonly-kept birds sometimes exhibit problematic behavior that their humans and caretakers can find particularly difficult to manage. While there are a number of ways that birds can misbehave and irritate the people they live with, excessive noise is frequently at the top of the list.

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Parrot Town

If you’re a newer bird owner, then you might not be familiar with Accessible online and available for streaming via YouTube, it can work as a distraction for noisy birds like cockatoos that can get extremely vocal for a variety of reasons. Owners of these birds often turn to TV or radio playing in the background to keep their pets company. While it isn’t intended as a complete substitute for interaction, many birds seem to find it enjoyable.

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Problem Screaming

It should be noted that all healthy birds scream and vocalize at some point during the day. But problem screaming is usually the result of boredom, depression, or some other type of stress that your bird is experiencing. Narrowing it down is vital for addressing it properly. There are such things as avian veterinarians you can consult for ruling out any medical problems, but you may want to speak to a parrot behavioralist for help modifying your bird’s negative behavior if the screaming never seems to stop.

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Parrot Town TV

If you’re set up for streaming on your television set, then look up Parrot Town TV on YouTube. They have 13 live streams to choose from that include bird room buddies filled with the sounds of happy parrots, tropical rainforest sounds to add layers of comforting noise, and birds by the creek for delivering forest sounds by a flowing creek. Regardless of which you choose, these soothing sounds of nature can have a calming effect and quiet your feathered friend down.

Whether you play it on the radio or pull it up on TV so that your bird has the added benefit of enjoying the sights that go with the sounds, it can be a lifesaver for your mental health.

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Sick Birds

If you suspect your pet bird is sick, call your vet immediately. You don’t want to put this off because birds, much like many small animals, can hide their illnesses for long periods. It’s a defense mechanism nature provided them with. They’ll puff up and try to look larger and healthier than they actually are. The problem is that by the time you know for sure something is definitely wrong, the animal is typically too ill to survive, and/or it will cost you a bundle to try to save it.

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