Sneaky Parrot Steals Noodle Right Off His Owner’s Plate

When most people think of loving pets, we imagine cats and dogs. If you’ve been around birds much, however, you know that they can really be full of personality and affection!

TikTok user @fabloejack2p is all too familiar with how clever and full of personality some birds can be. His parrot, Fabio, is quite sneaky and he recently filmed the perfect example of that.

Photo: TikTok/@fabloejack2p

In the video, you can see Fabio perched on his owner’s shoulder as his owner digs into a piping hot plate of pasta with marina sauce.

Of course, Fabio wants a bite for himself but his owner isn’t freely offering any over, so the clever bird devices a plan to get a tasty noodle of his own!

Photo: TikTok/@fabloejack2p

At first, Fabio attempts to take a noodle right out of his owner’s mouth. When that doesn’t work, he sneakily goes for a fresh noodle off the plate – and he succeeds!

His owner looks unamused and a bit annoyed as he rushes to grab a napkin so the bird doesn’t get sauce all over his neck.

Photo: TikTok/@fabloejack2p

The video’s text overlay read (translated): “POV me buying a parrot but in reality it’s a pig.”

Check out the hilarious clip below:


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