Pet Parrot Scares Away Robbers With Frightening Shrieks

A pet parrot is being credited as a hero after scaring off a would-be thief on New Year’s Eve.

According to 9 News, the two-year-old macaw named Versace was home alone in Melbourne, Australia when an attempted robbery occurred.

Photo: Flickr/Hai Linh Truong License: CC BY 2.0

The homeowners had left for the night to ring in the New Year but it’s a good thing they left their beloved parrot at home.

After they left, someone attempted to break into the home but Versace let out the alarm! The clever macaw seemed to recognize that something wasn’t right and she refused to stay quiet.

Photo: Flickr/Bernard Spragg. NZ License: CC0 1.0

In a video captured by the home’s security camera, you can see Versace in her cage.

If you turn the volume up, you can hear that she’s letting out loud, terrifying shrieks! It sounds like an elephant trumpeting.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

Considering the would-be thief had no idea what was causing the noise, it’s no wonder they decided to leave! I’d be afraid after hearing that too.

You can watch the footage below, shared by ABC 7:

Animals really are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Thanks to Versace, the would-be robber fled the scene and the home reminded intact.

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