Maniacal Parrot to Owner: Stop Your Work and Pay Attention to Me!

What are America’s fourth favorite pets? Birds!

Yes, they come in fourth after dogs, cats, and fish, but birds remain proud of the kind of entertainment they provide to their loving owners.

Photo: Tiktok/ticoandtheman

Many people pick parrots as pet birds because they make them feel a closer connection to nature. These birds’ intelligence are also a good stimulus to people’s own intellect and imagination, motivating owners to find out how much can be accomplished in parrot training.

This man and his parrot surely are best friends! They are the joy of each other’s existence, and language is not a barrier for them in understanding each other. Yes, his parrot knows how to produce certain sounds of humans and other animals, but it’s love that connects their hearts.


Bark like a dog

♬ original sound – Ticoandtheman

But this man also admits a certain regret in adopting a parrot for a pet. It seems he has also spoiled him like a selfish brat. The man relates in his viral post on Tiktok how his parrot named Tico constantly calls his attention while he works from home.

Tico thinks just because his daddy is always at home, they can spend all day playing games, learning new tricks, and dining together. But dad has to work to afford their needs and a comfortable life for the whole family. Because he could not get what he wanted, Tico would make various noises, cry, and even scream over and over again. And the mysterious, maniacal sounds could be heard by his dad’s co-workers online.


Maniac in the background

♬ original sound – Ticoandtheman

But, like with a child, it’s easy to forgive Tico’s naughtiness and other imperfections. Such as his fondness for taking a taste of his dad’s dinner — which, when he likes it, he consumes it.

His momma is also very fond of Tico, treating him like another member of their family who never stops entertaining and amazing them. Yup, they can’t imagine life without Tico, along with his antics and sweetness that’s found a forever place in their hearts!



♬ original sound – Ticoandtheman

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