Parrot Lands On Reader’s Bird Book That’s Open To A Page About The Parrot

In an experience that could only be described as an act of kismet, an Australian King Parrot perched himself on a reader’s open book.

The catch? The book was open to a page of information about the Australian King Parrot.

Photo: Flickr/John Englart License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Reddit user u/4thedoor shared about the experience where the were outside reading the Field Guide to the Birds of Australia (8th edition) by Simpson and Day.

After turning to the page with information on the Australian King Parrot, none other than an Australian King Parrot flew down and perched on the book!

U/4thedoor managed to snap a photo of the bird and shared it with the caption: “Friendly Australian King Parrot landed on my book as I was trying to identify it!”

According to the Australian Museum, King-Parrots are usually found in rainforests along the east coast of Australia.

Males have bright red heads, while females have green heads.

Photo: Flickr/Stephen Barrell License: CC BY 2.0

The species seem to be increasing in numbers, particularly in well-treed suburbs and urban areas where they have access to feeding stations and fruit trees.

I can’t imagine having one fly down and land so close, but having the page of the book be open just makes it all the more special.

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