Parrot Hilariously Complains About a Cat During a Conversation with His Human Dad

All animals being able to speak is undoubtedly an exciting thought. Characters in films and television shows have helped people see that, and it looks fun. Pet parents might be able to start conversations with their babies — to talk like how best friends do. If you want to experience a talking pet, you might want to adopt birds that can actually learn to speak. You’ll probably enjoy conversing with parrots such as African Greys, Macaws, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Budgies, Quaker, and Amazon Parrots.

Photo: Youtube/Mr. Max T.V.

Those bird species don’t just mimic words and sounds — they can also construct sentences. A parrot can even complain about something, especially a kitten who he lives with at home. The video was uploaded on a Youtube channel created by the cockatoo’s owner. It was like a scene in a movie or show where the parrot converses with his human. It was both amazing and hilarious.

Photo: Youtube/Mr. Max T.V.

In the description box, the parrot’s owner explained that Max was updating him about the things he missed at home while he was at work. Apparently, the cat had done something which Max finds stressful as it almost got him into trouble. His human attentively listened to Max’s story, and you can see they are building a conversation. And although the audio was incomprehensible, it’s evident that Max can understand his owner well. He was able to answer all of his questions.

Photo: Youtube/Mr. Max T.V.

The Youtube video has already garnered over 5 million views, 10k likes, and hundreds of comments. People expressed their love for the chatty cockatoo and their admiration for the owner. “Please NEVER stop posting these vids of the wonderful Max – I was feeling a bit stressed and low this evening, but Max soon dispelled it! Just love the idea of Angel telling Max stories to get him into trouble – for that is EXACTLY what a cat would do! You obviously have a profound love and understanding of your pets who are clearly thoroughly happy and enjoying life,” Toni Hazle commented.

Max seems to have a fun household, and it’s evident that his dad highly adores him. That is the kind of relationship a talking bird deserves to have — one built with entertaining conversations. You can witness that from the other videos on Max’s channel. Start with the video below and get hooked with the talkative parrot.

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