Parrot Cannot Contain Its Excitement for Christmas and Sings Jingle Bells to a Dog

The Yuletide season certainly has the warmest and most joyous days in a year. It’s that time of the year when everybody looks forward to gatherings and year-end parties. Families prepare their annual traditions to heighten the Christmas spirit for everyone. Each person has a way of hyping themselves and absorbing the holiday mood. You can start by adorning your house with Christmas decorations, shopping for gifts, organizing parties, and so forth.

Photo: Twitter/Caalf

For most people, music helps them enjoy the Yuletide season even more. They’d be blasting classic and Christmas pop songs most of their day. It’s commendable to liven up the house with both music and decorations. Through this, you can influence everyone’s mood at home — soon enough, you won’t be the only one dancing and prancing in the living room. Aside from humans, a parrot was also caught enjoying the holidays with its fascinating rendition of Jingle Bells.

Photo: Twitter/Caalf

The parrot from Twitter could not contain the Christmas spirit and whistled a classic Christmas song. A Twitter user with the handle Caalf uploaded the endearing clip with the caption, “The parrot is already living the Christmas spirit, the puppy not so much…” Apparently, a dog was beside the singing bird, who was not yet in a celebratory mood. Even though the parrot kept singing beside the dog’s ear, its expression did not change. The dog seems to be avoiding the little bird and moves its head away from the parrot every time it comes closer. Perhaps the dog also got overwhelmed by the singing and whistling directly in his ear.

Nevertheless, the parrot did not give up — it’s certainly a Christmas advocate, like it wants the dog to sing with him. The clip was both hilarious and heartwarming and has gained the interest of many people. For this reason, the tweet has already garnered 346.6k views. Many people were certainly amused by the parrot’s version of Jingle Bells, and the rendition was like something from an animated film or cartoon show. Every time you hear the Jingle Bells whistle, you’ll feel the Christmas spirit even when it’s already over. The parrot might not have influenced the dog, but it won its viewers’ hearts. Go on and share the tweet — it’ll be a precious online gift to your loved ones.

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