Watch the Incredible Parkour Skills of a Cat from Reddit

Felines are extremely gifted with the ability to jump from one high place to another. They are naturals at parkour — jumping without hesitation as if they have a built-in map their heads. Cats can easily calculate each step and execute their jump to the next spot. Apparently, their parkour skills are meant for survival, as it allows them to run, climb, and dodge without hurting themselves. If you have a cat at home, you’ll notice that they can also do parkour indoors. It doesn’t matter if the gap is huge, wide, or narrow — they will land precisely where they want to.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

The internet already has a collection of parkouring cats, and everything they do is impressive. Someone from Reddit with the username Thund3rbolt posted a parkour video of a cat indoors. It was uploaded with the caption, “Who’s the good kitty?” The Reddit post has already gained 3,915 upvotes and a thread of comments. The video showed a cat and its owner about to play fetch but not in the usual way. The cat focused on the object in its owner’s hand. As soon as the object landed on top of the cabinet, the cat immediately parkoured.

It amazingly jumped from the bed to a chair, then the door, and leaped on the cabinet. The feline easily found the object and jumped back to its human. It seemed like the cat already knew how to get on top of the cabinet. The feline did not slip, fall, or even pause to assess the way. “That one orange hugging all the braincells available,” De_Nisso wrote.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

A lot of people have expressed their amazement in the comment section. Bobandmary0 commented, “that door jumping was pretty slick! good kitty!” You can comment about your story if your cat does something similar at home. Create a thread of discussion with the other cat lovers out there. A parkouring kitty is indeed a good conversation starter online.

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