Labrador Happily Helps Human Parents Take Care of Newborn Babies

You’ll be amazed and touched by this video of a sweet Labrador who’s been very happy in welcoming her twin human sisters into their home!

Named Lucy, the dog has been the only companion of this couple for the past 7 years. But at last, babies were on their way. Yes, not just one but two! And the couple was excited to welcome them into their lives.

Photo: Tiktok/uhohtwins

But, of course, there’s Lucy to think about too. Dogs can suffer from stress or depression when there are changes at home such as the arrival of a new member of the family. And in this case, the babies are twins, and that would mean major disruptions in the family’s lifestyle.

In order for Lucy not to feel forgotten, her human parents decided to train and involve her in the loving care of her twin sisters.

Photo: Tiktok/uhohtwins

Now, according to the couple, Lucy knows that it’s milk bottles she must take from the fridge for the babies (and not beer, which the adults at home usually enjoy). She also makes sure that the babies are happy by giving them toys.

And guess who’s the lovable guardian of these twin newborns? Lucy!

The couple has posted Lucy’s video on Tiktok, which now has over 800,000 views and thousands of comments!

Photo: Tiktok/uhohtwins

A remark from tammy maharaj says, “She does more chores than my husband 😂😂”

Ashli Hott likewise wrote, “She’s like ‘what’s next dad?'”

Jenny also shared these dear words, “She deserves all the belly rubs in the world 🥺🥺 what a sweet baby 😭🤍”

Words echoed by Linds, “She probably loves it, she gets to help take care of the littlest of the pack ❤️”

Meanwhile, kdeeds88 also overflowed with happiness, I can watch this a million times! So sweet! You have a beautiful family. Lucy is a fabulous big sister!”


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