Paramedic Unknowingly Helps Her Daughter In Fatal Car Accident

When you’re a paramedic, you respond to every call in the same way. You are on point because you realize that someone’s life could be on the line.

Jayme Erickson knows this all too well, but for her, a call to a serious accident turned into her worst nightmare as a paramedic and a mother. It happened on November 15 when she went to a car crash in Alberta, Canada.

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Erickson shared on Facebook that she began working on the passenger in the vehicle, who was trapped and critically injured. She tended to the patient, doing what she could while she was extricated from the car by firefighters.

All in all, Erickson was with the girl for about 20 minutes in the cold temperatures and she had no idea that it was actually her daughter.

Photo: YouTube/Calgary Herald

That girl, Montana, was eventually freed by firefighters and airlifted to Foothills Medical Center hospital.

After Erickson went home because her shift was over, her doorbell rang within a matter of minutes. The police were at her door, telling her that her daughter was in an accident and she had to go to the hospital.

That is when the realization of it hit her. She had been tending to her only child, Montana, but her injuries were so horrific that she didn’t recognize her. She went to see her daughter and was told that she would not survive.

Montana was on her way home with another person after a dog walk at a local park. The vehicle had lost control before being struck by an oncoming truck. She was only 17 years old when she died.

The entire community was devastated by what happened. In a video shared by the Calgary Herald, Erickson called her daughter a firecracker who would love fiercely if you are her friend.

As an organ donor, Montana was able to save two people.

Her mother went on to reveal a Facebook post: “I am shattered. I am broken. I am missing a piece of me.” She went on to say: “Love with all your heart. Hold those close to you. Make memories. ‘If you’re going to love somebody, hold on as long and as strong as you can…’til you can’t.'”

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