Paralyzed Dog Seen Lying In The Street As The War In Ukraine Began Has Survived And Is Walking

Ukrainians fled their homes in late February as Russian forces attacked. While many left everything behind so they could carry their pet to safety, some animals were left behind to fend for themselves.

Shortly after the war began a photo of a man comforting a Labrador retriever in the middle of the street in Irpen went viral.

The dog named Sensei was paralyzed and abandoned by his owners. UAnimals said the man in the photo was his neighbor.

Many thought Sensei would not survive, but he did.

Thanks to brave and kindhearted people he was rescued in time and brought to a safe place. His story touched the hearts of people around the world and many donated towards his care.

Nearly 8 months later, he is up on his feet and slowly walking.

Screenshot: Facebook/UAnimals

UAnimals shared an update on the senior guy and said, “He had many health problems: stomach tumor, heart failure and paralyzed legs. With the help of medicine, he was able to put on his paws. And this is all because of the caring people who donated for his treatment and the love and care of his new family who have always cared for him.”

Sensei is safe and has a family who loves him. He shares a home with a paralyzed cat and the two go out for 5-15 minutes at a time for fresh air.

Screenshot: Facebook/UAnimals

People were relieved to hear he is doing well, and their hearts go out to all those left behind.

A fellow Ukrainian commented, “How different we are all, humans,.. some leave, others save. Thank you to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of animals.”

Another person wrote, “Thank you for the update on Sensei. I remember that photo of him in the street refusing to move and being comforted by the neighbor–it broke my heart. So glad to see he is doing well as can be expected. Thank you to the kind people who are caring for him. Keep us updated.”

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Check out the video of Sensei walking below.

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