Paralyzed Stray Cat Walks Again After Being Rescued Off The Street

Living on the streets is tough. Homeless cats have a hard time finding adequate and nutritious food which can lead to other health issues.

A stray black and white cat managed to survive by taking shelter under a home in California where people feed him. However, when the good Samaritans noticed the cat was unable to use his hind legs, they reached out to Hope For Paws for help.

The animal rescue received an urgent text about a paralyzed cat and sent Katie McKittrick and Alex Babcock to help. With the help of the family who had been feeding him, they lured him out with cat food and managed to capture him in a drop trap.

Screenshot: YouTube/Hope For Paws

It was heartbreaking to watch him pull himself out of the hole under the house and drag his hind legs behind him.

The sweet fella was named Autumn by rescuers and rushed to CARES to be examined by a veterinarian. Hope For Paws hoped to discover what caused him to be paralyzed and see if there was any way to help him. They were shocked to find out that he did not suffer any spinal damage or other injury.

Screenshot: YouTube/Hope For Paws

An X-ray performed by Dr. Hinz showed the cat was suffering from an obstructed bladder and urinary crystals. He was immediately started on medication, a catheter, and special diet to help dissolve the crystals.

Screenshot: YouTube/Hope For Paws

After resting for a few days, he stood up on all four feet and walked around the room. A true miracle!

Screenshot: YouTube/Hope For Paws

Autumn was taken in by the Kitty Bungalow who is fostering him until his forever home is found. He has almost completed Charm school, which is a program at the rescue that helps street cats adapt to living in a home. He is believed to be just over a year old and his adoption fee is $35.

Anyone interested in adopting him can find out more information here.

Screenshot: YouTube/Hope For Paws

Viewers were surprised by the cause of Autumn’s paralysis and thanked everyone involved in his rescue. One person commented, “I never knew that crystals in the bladder could be so debilitating. Amazing recovery. Great job everyone.”

Check out Autumn’s rescue video below and be sure to follow Hope For Paws on YouTube for more amazing rescue videos.

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