Paralyzed Girl Shocks The Nurse By Standing Up In Her Wheelchair

Most of us don’t know the difficulties associated with being in a tragic accident. When we are injured in such a way, it is more than just something that affects us, it affects those who love us as well.

Bailey Murrill knows this all too well. She was injured in 2015 before her senior prom. She was out in the backyard playing with her father and unfortunately, things took a very difficult turn.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

According to Inside Edition, she said: “He had me over his shoulders, we were just horse playing. I flipped somehow and landed on my back. I had no feelings in my legs from the hips down.”

The 17-year-old was immediately taken to the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. During the first two weeks that she was at the hospital, she was paralyzed.

Although she had to deal with a very difficult situation, she was also a fighter and she had the support of her family. She continued to deal with the physical therapy in the best way that she could and although it was a struggle, she was willing to do what it took to get back on her feet again.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

In the meantime, the doctors did not have anything positive to say. They said that she had only a 5% chance of ever walking again because she had lost all feeling from her waist down.

After 11 days in the hospital and some intense physical therapy, she started to get some feeling back in her legs again. That is when she knew that she would be able to walk if she just continued to work.

Although Bailey could stand up occasionally at this point, she didn’t want the opportunity to surprise someone to go to waste. She wheeled herself down the hospital hall toward the nurses and when one of them was coming toward her to give her a hug, she did something totally unexpected.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Instead of taking the hug sitting down, she stood up on her own feet. Suddenly, the nurse was screaming with joy as she pulls her in and gives her a big hug.

The video was shot by her mother, Becky, and after it was posted online it went viral. It wasn’t long before Becky was back at home, back on her feet and preparing for the senior prom.

She said: “Two weeks ago, I got told I had a five percent chance of ever walking again, and now I’m at prom. It’s awesome.”

Watch the moment for yourself in this video:

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