Paraglider Stops Mid-Flight To Rescue Woman Trapped In Sinking Car

Cristiano Piquet may not feel like a hero, but others are saying differently.

During a recent paragliding trip in Miami, Florida, Piquet ended up rescuing a woman who’d driven her car into an alligator-infested canal. The car was sinking, and the woman seemed too weak to get out on her own.

Photo: Instagram/cristianopiquet

Posting about the rescue on Instagram, Piquet said: “I’m no hero. This is not about me. All glory to God, who used me and my friends to save that one life. God’s timing is perfect.”

Piquet explained that he was paragliding with his friend when they spotted the woman in the canal, a spot that’s known to have alligators. He realized that if they didn’t stop to help her, no one else would.

“And then I land in the middle of nowhere. And I come to rescue her and save her,” he said.

Photo: Instagram/cristianopiquet
Photo: Instagram/cristianopiquet

As Piquet and his friend approached the woman, they could hear her screaming for help. She said, “Oh, my God! I fell with my car in here.”

Piquet doesn’t feel like what he did was heroic. He said, “I think anyone in my situation would do the same [and] stop to help. So, I did what is the obvious to what anyone would do, right? Lend a helping hand. And I could not do anything different than that.”

Photo: Instagram/cristianopiquet

In the end, rescue personnel arrived on the scene and were able to take things from there. It’s thanks to Piquet and the other Good Samaritans that the woman made it out of the water alive, so while he may not feel like a hero, it’s safe to say he is one.

Check out the video below:

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