Baby Dolphin With “Low” Survival Chance Nursed Back To Health In Thailand

A sick dolphin calf has defied the odds against him and survived after being found in a tidal pool and rescued by Thai fishermen.

When the calf, Paradon, was examined by professionals, they didn’t have high hopes for his survival.

According to the Washington Post, Thanaphan Chomchuen, a veterinarian working with Paradon, said they didn’t believe Paradon would make it.

Photo: YouTube/The Independent

He said:

“We said among ourselves that the chance of him surviving was quite low, judging from his condition. Normally, dolphins found stranded on the shore are usually in such a terrible condition. The chances that these dolphins would survive are normally very, very slim. But we gave him our best try on that day.”

The Associated Press reports that the dolphin was suffering from a lung infection and required round-the-clock care.

Photo: YouTube/The Independent

In fact, Paradon was so weak that rescuers had to hold him up in his tank to prevent him from drowning. The calf was fed through a tube and slowly nursed back to health.

Though the odds were stacked against him, Paradon had the right combination of luck and care and he managed to pull through and survive. He’s not completely out of the woods, however.

According to the Associated Press, Paradon still requires frequent care. He has a team of staff and volunteers that cater to his needs, play with him, and feed him. One of those volunteers, Thippunyar Thipjuntar, said she worries about Paradon’s eating habits.

Photo: YouTube/The Independent

She said, “He does not eat enough but rather just wants to play. I am worried that he does not receive enough nutrition.”

The director of the marine center that Paradon is at added that he won’t be ready for release any time soon. They expect he’ll need care for around a year until he’s weaned from milk and can learn to hunt.

Check out the video below:

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