Thoughtful Papa Stork Brings Nesting Mama A Blanket To Keep Her Warm

The love of a parent is often selfless. Parents tend to put their own needs and desires aside to prioritize their children’s well-being. They sacrifice their time, energy, and resources to ensure their child has everything they need to thrive. Sometimes, that means taking care of that child’s other parent!

As it turns out, it’s not just humans that share this sentiment but some animals do as well. That was seen recently when an adorable video went viral featuring a pair of storks.

Photo: TikTok/@Yoda4ever

In the video, you can see a broody mama stork settled comfortably in a nest. It’s not long before the daddy stork returns to the nest and he brings a blanket with him to help keep the mama warm!

Twitter user @Yoda4ever shared the video with the caption, “Papa stork brings a blanket to keep mama stork warm…”

Photo: TikTok/@Yoda4ever

According to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, a stork couple will build a large stick nest together where the female will lay a clutch of eggs.

Typically, both the mommy and daddy storks will lay on the eggs and feed the babies, alternating shifts in turns. It’s nice to see a dad in the animal kingdom stepping up to help care for his young!

Photo: TikTok/@Yoda4ever

In the case of the storks in the video, it seems that the dad isn’t just there for his babies but he’s helping the mama as well and there’s something to be said for that.

Check it out below:

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