Papa Cat Meets His Adorable Kittens For The Very First Time

For many animals, raising offspring is a one-party job. With few exceptions, mamas give birth and rear their babies until they’re big enough to venture out on their own. Fathers usually play only a small role in parenting.

When it comes to cats, Mom is the only who does all the work in raising kittens. As the charity Cats Protection explains, “cats are not known for their fatherly skills as male cats do not tend to be involved in raising offspring.”

Photo: YouTube/Cat Chloe & kittens

However, there are some rare exceptions where papa cats show interest in their young. Just take Bonik, for example!

He’s a 4-year-old Scottish straight cat and he recently had a littler of kittens with his kitty partner, Chloe. The 6-year-old Scottish Fold gave birth to a healthy litter of kittens and immediately began caring for them on her own.

Photo: YouTube/Cat Chloe & kittens

When the kittens were just three days old, their owner decided to introduce Bonik to them and he was so confused!

They shared a video of the meeting on YouTube and it received over 4 million views.

Photo: YouTube/Cat Chloe & kittens

In the video, you can see Bonik peering at Chloe and the kittens in an uncertain way. He’s not really sure what to think of the tiny kittens, but he’s also very curious. Many father cats don’t pay any attention to their offspring, so the fact that Bonik seems interested is huge!

Chloe stays by her kittens while the curious sniffs them and observes. He doesn’t interact with them much, but his curiosity is too cute!

You can watch the sweet moment in the video below:

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