Adorable Panda Cubs Attempt To Cuddle Zoo Keeper During Bath Time

An adorable video captured the moment four sweet panda cubs swarm their keeper in search of some cuddles!

The footage was taken when the keeper entered a pen with four baby pandas to offer them a bath.

Photo: YouTube/CGTN

He carried in a bowl of water and a rag and gently got to work attempting to clean each wiggly panda bear. However, they proved to make it quite difficult because instead of holding still for a bath, the pandas wanted attention and cuddles!

It probably wasn’t his first time on cub-bathing duty, but he still couldn’t help but smile and the silly cubs.

Photo: YouTube/CGTN
Photo: YouTube/CGTN

The China Global Television Network (CGTN) shared the video on YouTube, writing: “While helping one panda take a shower, a panda keeper has another cub climb on his back looking to cuddle.”

You can watch the adorable moment below:

Naturally, people in the comments couldn’t get enough of the clip. “this is one job I would never ever pretend to call in sick,” one pers on commented. “In a perfect society this would be the prize for lotteries,” another added.

Meanwhile, there were some who commended the man who for his hard work and dedication to the animals. “This is not as easy job as it seems. It needs extreme dedication and love form animals….” one person wrote. Another chimed in saying, “This looks like the best job ever, takes a lot of effort but moments like these are the ones to go through with it for.”

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