This Viral Video Will Show You the Cons of Being a Panda Caretaker

Pandas have this image that whenever you see them, it seems like all the problems in the world will be resolved. A hug from the fluffy fur of black and white would make you melt — anyone would want one. That’s why being a panda caretaker is considered the world’s best job. It doesn’t matter if you spend the whole day with cuddly pandas to serve their every need. Being with them is already rewarding, and one look at them can take the stress away.

Photo: PxHere/Dennis vom Fesselblog

A lot of people dream of becoming a panda nanny. The most important part of the job is accompanying them for 365 days — through everything. That’s free panda hugs every day! The internet has a collection of videos showing the life of panda caretakers. Videos usually contain cute content, but one recent viral video showed the struggles of being a panda nanny. The video was uploaded on Twitter and quickly trended as people shared it nonstop. It was shared in a Twitter account named Pups — a page that curates animal videos from various sources.

Photo: Twitter/pups

In the video, the panda caretaker was seen doing daily chores, but you’ll see a clingy panda on his back. The panda just won’t budge, no matter where the caretaker goes. The playful cub seemed to want to play, but its caretaker has to clean the area first. The caretaker doesn’t seem to mind, but it is an obvious struggle — the task won’t be quickly finished if a panda clings to your back. As the video continues, more pandas start to cling to the diligent nanny. He just can’t seem to take a break — the cubs must’ve loved him so much.

Photo: Twitter/pups

The clinginess of the panda toddlers was tiring, yet it seemed to be a happy moment. That might be the only disadvantage of the world’s best job — clingy baby pandas will slow you down. Nevertheless, it’s still worth the experience. Since it was shared on Twitter, the short clip has already accumulated 7.5 million views, 40k retweets, 6k quote retweets, and 240k likes. People from across the globe have been gushing over the video and flooding the tweet with replies.

Many people expressed their wish to work as a panda nanny in the reply section. One user even funnily replied, “Really tough job, who can take all that love and affection every day.” Who wouldn’t want to, right? One user jokingly said that it doesn’t matter if she gets paid or not — the pandas are enough, and she would even show up on sick days.

Pandas are so loved in the world, and they deserve all of it. It’s great that pandas in the sanctuary are taken care of by amazing people — even when they get clingy and naughty at times. Panda caretakers should be applauded for excellently keeping the precious bears safe and well nurtured. It is important that only the most dependable are hired because it might look easy, but the role is vital for panda survival.

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