Watch How This Parrot Makes Vet Staff Laugh So Hard They Cry

There’s nothing like a video of somebody laughing their lungs out without context.

It makes you curious if you’re not already laughing along with them. Happiness is contagious, you know?

PHOTO: TikTok/@petlandnht

“Paco came in for a wing and nail trim and had us crying from laughing.”

The video starts off with the vets unable to do a simple trim since they can’t stop laughing because of Paco.

The person holding the nail trimmer can’t help but cry and she even turned her back to compose herself. I guarantee that you’ll also be smiling or laughing in front of your screen within seconds of watching this viral video!

Can you guess who initiated the laughing virus?

Not gonna lie, I thought it was the woman who was laughing the first time I watched this video. Then I thought maybe it was someone else off-camera who was laughing, but then you hear the man say to the little bird cradled in his hands, “Alright, Paco, we got work to do!”

PHOTO: TikTok/@petlandnht

There’s just something about the way the bird laughs that just sounds so human as if he’s catching his breath between each laugh and the different intonations that he uses to imitate his human.

As the comments say, they can tell that Paco’s got a family that loves life and that the owner must have such infectious laughter.

If you’re already in love with Paco just by his laugh, wait until the end of the video below to see how gorgeous he is with his colorful tail.

Be careful though! Prepare your hearts beforehand, because Paco’s so charming, you might fall in love the moment he says his first hello!


Paco came in for a wing and nail trim today and had us crying feom laughing!

♬ original sound – petlandnht

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