Prairie Dogs Can’t Help But Yell In Excitement When They See Mom

Most of us don’t know much about prairie dogs other than they are adorable. They are usually found in the wild, but Pablo and Pedro have found their home with a human family.

When Pablo and Pedro hang out and feel a little mischievous, they hide in the laundry basket. When the family comes around, they also like to say hello, and they do this in the morning when Sarah, their human mom, comes out.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

According to Cuddle Buddies, at one time, the pair of prairie dogs were owned by a human that didn’t know how to care for them. He didn’t know that prairie dogs would be difficult to care for, so they became a part of Sarah’s family.

When Sarah researched prairie dogs, she knew they were already too familiar with humans to return to the wild. These prairie dogs have enhanced the family’s life in many ways and are more affectionate than most people would realize.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

Pablo and Pedro even have earned a new nickname among the family. Since they want to be with humans all the time, they tend to disrupt whatever is going on, so they are known as the “productivity suckers.”

In the morning, the pair of prairie dogs are let out of their cage and they can’t help but yell a greeting of “Yahoo!” From that point, it’s all fun and cuddles. Fortunately, Sarah is all too happy to provide what they need.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

At the same time, Sarah also wants people to know that prairie dogs are a lot of work and not every family should have them. It’s nice that Pablo and Pedro have a family that does what is necessary to make them happy and satisfied.

You can see more of their story in the video below, and keep up with Pablo and Pedro on Instagram here.

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