Nobody Believe This Snaggle-Toothed Dwarf Cat Is Real Until He Meows

An adorable dwarf cat named Ozzy is stealing hearts of people around the world thanks to his unique looks and endearing personality.

Back in 2020, the St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Pineville, North Carolina welcomed Ozzy into their clinic as an unofficial member of their staff.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

They shared about him on Facebook and let everyone know he’d be a permament addition wandering the halls and visiting clients.

According to Cuddle Buddies, Ozzy was brought into the clinic as a tiny kitten who needed help. He was suffering from conjunctivitis, lice, and he wasn’t showing signs of growing.

As it turns out, Ozzy was a dwarf cat who needed a lot of special attention and care. While the clinic could’ve euthanized the little kitten or pawned her off on a family, they decided the best place he’d receive care was right there with them. So, they decided to keep him.

Since joining the animal hospital, Ozzy has brought joy to so many people. Many people are confused at first because he doesn’t look like a typical cat. In fact, some people even think he’s fake until he meows!

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

Ozzy has unusually short legs, large eyes, and a fang tooth that pokes out of his mouth. Despite his abnormalities, he’s quite endearing to look at.

You can see more of his story in the video below:

You can see more of Ozzy on Instagram, @ozzythedwarfkitty.

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