Owner Uses Doorbell Camera To Send Runaway Dog Back In The House

In this day and age, most of us probably have some kind of home security device installed in our homes. Unfortunately, they’re necessary.

It’s that little bit of added security to ensure that our homes – our safe havens – stay safe.

Given that technology has come a long way, it makes it even easier for us to keep an eye on things around the house right from the palm of our hands.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

Yeah, having access to the camera feed right at the touch of our fingertips on our phones makes things a little easier. With systems like Ring, we can be notified if something is amiss at home.

But one of the perks that come with a home security system is that we can also use it to keep an eye on our pets. For many people, leaving your dog or cat unattended for long stretches of time at home can make any pet owner a little curious to know what’s up.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

But if you’re able to check up on them throughout the day, it means life has one less stress. It was thanks to technology that one pet owner was able to prevent a potential crisis.

While away from home, one man noticed that his dog, Sadie, had escaped the yard. It was spotted on the outdoor camera, and the homeowner got an alert. Luckily, he was able to act fast and prevent Sadie from doing a runner.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

All while remote, Dad was able to get a hold of the dog’s attention and tell her to go back inside the house. And it worked! Crisis averted.

As the homeowner shared about the video with Ring, “I was getting alerts from Ring while I was 30 minutes away from home. Turns out I had accidentally left the side gate open, and Sadie escaped! I spoke through my Ring and Sadie actually listened — she went back into the yard until I pulled up. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I didn’t have Ring.”

Watch the video below:

Have you ever used a home security system in order to keep an eye on your pets while away from the house? What have your experiences been? Let us know!

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