You’ll Be Surprised at This Owl that Acts Like a Cat — It’s Totally Adorable!

Though owls and cats are from different animal species, they share certain personality traits. Both animals are quite observant and independent, making them seem aloof and disinterested. They love their personal space and are often caught in their own little worlds. But despite the cold facade, owls and cats still crave affection and attention. There are many videos on the internet showing how clingy cats can get, but it’s more rare for owls.

Photo: Reddit/KreiaSensei

There are few videos and photos showing an owl’s affectionate side because they are generally not domesticated. But once you see a video of them getting clingy, you’ll definitely melt at the sight. One owl even acts like a cat, and you can watch the video on Reddit. Seeing a nocturnal prey bird hog a person’s space to get some love is definitely refreshing on the eyes. The clip was posted by Reddit user KreiaSensei and has already accumulated 20.9k upvotes.

Photo: Reddit/KreiaSensei

In the video, the owl shifted from spot to spot to get the man’s attention, but he was busy with work. The majority knows that cats often habitually hog the space between a human and their laptop – and that’s exactly what this owl did. The owl even placed its head on the laptop’s surface. Just like OP wrote in the caption, “An Owl acting like a housecat…if that’s not cute, I have no idea what is.” The adorable bird observed what the human was working on on his laptop and then moved to another spot to inspect the gadget.

People couldn’t help but comment on the video — it was definitely a hoot! Redditors even had fun in the comment section as they shared their own owl puns like, “That owl doesn’t give a hoot.” Kytiit_Korner’s pun received various witty replies, such as “I thought puns weren’t owllowed here,” a comment from Willdrick. To which pandorafoxxx replied, “Hoo said that?! They were owliously wrong.”

Aside from witty puns, there were informative comments that might explain why owls and cats have similarities. “Owls are very much the cats of the bird world,” demonicafro wrote. Then Fruity-Loop-Dingus replied and explained the matter, “I think they are literally called ‘cat bird’ in some languages.” You might add your thoughts to the engaging Reddit thread if you are an owl and cat enthusiast. The Reddit post not only melts hearts but also gives you an idea to think about — are owls really the cats of bird species?

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