Owl And Cat Have An Intense Staring Match Through The Window

A feisty house cat and a determined owl got into an unusual staring match when they locked eyes through the living room window.

James, TikTok user @jfitjames, shared the video of the incident, noting that he heard growing and went to investigate.

Photo: TikTok/@jfitjames

He wrote in the text overlay, “This is now what I expected to see my cat gr-owl-ing at.”

“Bro just wanna have a play date,” he added in the caption.

In the clip, you can see the cat standing on the back of the couch. The hairs on his back are standing up straight and he’s growling to spook something away.

Photo: TikTok/@jfitjames

As the camera gets closer, you can see what the cat is growling at: an owl!

The owl is perched on the ground outside the window, hissing back at the cat. His large, non-blinking eyes don’t leave the cat for a moment as the camera moves in.

Photo: TikTok/@jfitjames

In the end, it turned out like an intense staring match! Neither the cat nor the owl wanted to look away. Who will win?

Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

@jfitjames Bro just wanna have a play date #fyp #owl #cat #crazy #nature #wildlife #fypシ #funny ♬ original sound – James

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