Mischievous Owl Breaks Into Homes In British Columbia Neighborhood

Being the victim of a break-in is terrifying and it can happen to virtually anyone. Some homeowners in Oak Bay, British Columbia were given quite a scare when their homes were broken into, but as it turns out, the intruder had no ill intent.

The Oak Bay Police posted about the first incident on Twitter, explaining that they responded to call about an intruder and discovered an owl!

They tweeted:

“At 4am OBPD officers responded to an intruder at a home on Beach Dr. Officers arrived on scene & located the suspect perched on a couch. After somer coaxing the intruder casually walked outside through open patio doors & flew away. No animals or officers were injured.”

Photo: YouTube/CTV News

According to CTV News, officers, who named the owl Winky, caught the bird “digging his talons into a very expensive leather couch.”

They attempted to get him with a broom and swaddle him in a blanket, but the mischievous burglar couldn’t be detained.

Photo: YouTube/CTV News

Eventually, Winky escorted himself out by flying through the open patio door. However, that wasn’t the last of his antics.

Ray Bernoties, recently retired Chief of the Oak Bay Police Department, tweeted a photo of an owl in a house.

He wrote: “Look ‘hoos’ up to his old tricks in Oak Bay again. This time @OakBayPolice didn’t have to attend as my friend was able to gently remove him.”

It’s unclear why Winky is seeking out human houses to break into, but he makes for some interesting police calls!

Check out the interview below:

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