Mistreated Dog Who Spent Her Whole Life In A Garage Longs For Loving Home

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary just north of Toronto, Canada, is at capacity and in desperate need of fosters and adopters. The animal rescue takes in cats, dogs, and farm animals and cares for them until forever homes can be found.

They recently took to Facebook to ask people to open their hearts and homes to another pet as adoptions are at an all-time low.

“We are running out of time to help more. We have hundreds of dogs on waitlists to intake… if we don’t make space they will have nowhere to go. If we don’t find a solution, those dogs waiting to come to us will be euthanized in those shelters,” wrote the rescue.

Several dogs have been waiting for a long time for someone to pick them – like Sophie.

The 5-years-old Cane Corso was surrendered last December. She was kept in a garage with no socialization and obviously mistreated. She is slow to trust people due to her past experiences and will need a patient and loving family. The rescue shared, “After caring for Sophie for almost a year’s time, we have gotten to know that she is very head shy. She always has a fear of being hit.”

She has watched countless adopters walk past her but hopes someday soon to find her person. Once she trusts someone, she is the most gentle and loving girl. The 100-pound pup will even curl up in your lap and promises to love you unconditionally. She gets along with other dogs and cats and is such a good girl.

Sophie is part of the rescue’s new Foster to Adopt program which allows a family up to 2 months to see if the dog is a fit with their family and if they would like to adopt.


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Anyone interested in Sophie can apply to foster or adopt on the rescue’s website.

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Please share this with family and friends to help Sophie find the happy ending she deserves. Adopt don’t shop!

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