Playful Otters React To Seeing A Bubble Blowing Machine

Two pet otters, Kotaro and Hana, live with their owner in Japan and are regularly featured on their owner’s popular YouTube channel, KOTSUMET.

The owner uses the channel to spread awareness about otter ownership and the challenges and joy that comes with it.

Photo: YouTube/KOTSUMET

While it’s illegal to own otters in many countries, Japan allows pet ownership if owners and breeders follow strict guidelines, including permitting and microchipping.

While Kotaro and Hana require a ton of work and dedication, their owner is sure to share the good parts of otter ownership too – like watching them discover new objects and explore the world.

Photo: YouTube/KOTSUMET

In a recent video, Kotaro and Hana were introduced to a bubble-blowing machine. While they’d seen bubbles before, the two otters seemed a bit confused by the machine aspect at first.

However, it wasn’t long before the otters were playfully chasing the bubbles and investigating the machine!

Photo: YouTube/KOTSUMET

Otters are often curious and playful, so combining a play session with something new was the perfect way to engage them and create some cute content in the process.

If you want to see Kotaro and Hana reacting to the bubble machine, be sure to check out the video below:

You can keep up with the two otters on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter.

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