Pregnant Otter Steals Man’s Surfboard And Refuses To Give It Back

A surfer in Santa Cruz was caught off-guard when a pregnant and feisty otter stole his surfboard!

Nick Ericksen was in the water when the otter hopped on his board and began chewing on it. He tried to sho it away, but the otter refused to budge.

Photo: Instagram/@cum_quat

Back on the shore, Nick’s friend Chad Underhill-Meras was watching and managed to film the encounter.

He posted a video of the situation on Instagram, writing:

@partsgrom had a real case of the mondays yesterday.. A pregnant otter stole his surfboard, starts gnawing on it, and they had a standoff.”

Photo: Instagram/@cum_quat

Nick wasn’t having any success getting the otter off his board, so another surfer came to his aid. The suffer was able to grab Nick’s board and get it away from the otter but not before the otter put up a chase!

Underhill-Meras added, “At the end he gets a little help to get his board back, almost attacked at a couple points, then gets chased in like a true local.”

Check out the video below:

While otters may be appear to be cute and playful, they can be quite dangerous to humans. According to Wild Explained, “Otters are not friendly to humans. At first, they may look sweet. But don’t let this fool you; they are wild animals. And just like any other wild carnivores, they are not very friendly.”

Otters generally won’t go out of their way to attack, but they may if they feel threatened. Wild Explained notes that they’re particularly likely to attack if they feel someone is too close to their territory and threatening them, or to defend pups.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thought otters are small, they have strong tails, paws, and sharp teeth that can do quite a bit of damage and could even lead to death.

It’s great that Nick was able to get his board back and the otter eventually left them alone.

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