Baby Otter Rescued From Eagle Loves To Cuddle With Humans

A tiny baby otter was given a second chance at life after being chased away from his family by an eagle.

The little otter, later named Otis, was spotted by a couple of sailors around the Aland Islands in Finland.

The sailors saw Otis swimming for his life trying to escape the eagle and they stepped in to save him.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

According to ViralHog, the sailors who rescued Otis waited around for his mom to come for him, but she never showed up.

Otis was too small to be on his own in the open water and he was exhausted from running for his life, so the sailors scooped him up and contacted Pernilla with the Alands Wildlife Rescue.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Otis was exhausted when he arrived at the rescue center but after a week of rehabilitation, he was starting to perk up and was eating heartily.

Pernilla explained in her video to ViralHog that otters are very social animals and since Otis didn’t have his family to socialize with, he required a lot of cuddles and interaction from humans.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

After 4-6 months of rehabilitation, Otis will be released back home to the wild. But until then, he’s getting plenty of love, cuddles, play, and affection from his rescuers.

Pernilla explained to ViralHog, “He is the cuddliest little otter puppy and has a great and goofy personality.”

Check out the sweet video below to see more of little Otis:

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