Photographer Captures Picture Of Osprey Carrying A Shark

A photographer in Delaware happened to capture a stunning photo of an osprey carrying a shark in its talons.

Stephanie Faust of Stephanie Faust Photography was at a lookout point near the Delaware Bay when the incredible moment took place.

Seeing an osprey in the area isn’t unusual, but it’s certainly not common to see one carrying an entire shark!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the National Audubon Society, osprey eat “almost entirely fish.” The type of fish they consume varies depending on the region, but common species include flounder, smelt, sucker fish, mullet, and gizzard shads.

To hunt, osprey fly slowly over the water and pause to hover when a fish is spotted below. If the fish is close enough to the surface, the bird will use its talons to grasp the prey and fly off with it.

Photo: StockVault/Pixabay

While most of the time that prey happens to be common fish like the ones mentioned above, they occasionally catch an unusual prey – like a shark!

It might seem like an osprey wouldn’t be able to carry a shark from the water, but one tenacious bird made it happen and Faust was there to photograph it. She shared the photograph on Facebook, check it out below:

According to Delmarva Now, Faust has been a photographer for around a decade, but it’s only recently that she’s started focusing her attention on wildlife and the natural world.

Given the incredible photo she’s already captured, we’re excited to see what else she manages to photograph going forward!

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