An Orphaned Young Elephant Finally Found a New Home and The Perfect Life Companions

Elephants are social animals, and they live together in herds. Being surrounded by family and friends is vital for their survival. It’s most especially important for baby elephants. Apart from milk from their mother, they need care and companionship from other herd members. They are one big family, and like humans, they grow up with childhood friends they play with daily. It’s amazing to think how animals also have a family concept, which is the foundation of their lives. For this reason, an orphaned baby elephant will struggle on their own. The lack of daily interaction with the herd can stress them out. An orphan is fortunate if they are found by a rescue team that could provide a temporary home for them.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

A baby elephant from Kenya went through the sad experience of being orphaned. Before things got worse due to living without his parents and a herd to adopt him, he was found by a rehabilitation center. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust gave him medications first while transporting him to a new home. Rescue staff had to calm him down so no issue would arise during the transfer. As soon as he was brought to his quarters, they comforted him again — assuring the young elephant that he was already safe and would meet his new family soon.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Thankfully, he really did feel at home and was eating well. His appetite made him stronger — preparing for the life he would have in the sanctuary. He was apparently happy with his stay because he even made friends with the rescue staff. The baby elephant is playful and overly friendly — perhaps he is expressing gratitude for them giving him a home. Once healthy enough to interact with a herd, he was introduced to a group of young orphaned elephants. He immediately felt that he belonged, as if he knew that the others could understand what he went through.

The orphaned elephants in The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust created their own family. They welcomed their new member with warmth and the promise that he will never be alone again. Aside from being playmates, they also taught him to be a herd member. The lessons include, how to eat, how to have fun, and how to love. His daily life now consists of nothing but happiness and excitement about the coming days. Consequently, he will be released back to the wild once he is capable and healthy enough to do so.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Watch how The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust treats its residents with proper care and love in the video below. If you love elephants, you’ll definitely think of getting involved with the sanctuary. Be part of the growth of orphaned elephants through donations, adoptions, and more. Learn more information by visiting their website.

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