Play and Organize: The Life of the Intelligent Beaver, Nibi

Each animal has a purpose on Earth, because every skill they have sustains the environment. A great example of that is beavers and their ability to build dams. They are called nature’s engineers, because they don’t just randomly build — each one is a carefully devised impoundment. Beavers can figure out what branches they could safely use and how to properly cut them. The dam also consists of grass, rocks, and mud for a better foundation. With their admirable construction skills, they aren’t only able to build a safe space for themselves — the dams also prevent floods and lessen erosion. Their intelligence is definitely undeniable and quite interesting.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

A beaver’s ability to build a sturdy dam might have something to do with its talent for organizing. Newhouse Wildlife Rescue has saved many animals from dangerous situations and has given them a second chance at life. Through their mission, they are able to meet various animals and discover their personalities. Moreover, they get to observe their talents, and one of the beavers they rehabilitated had a notable skill. Their adorable friend Nibi wasn’t just a playful creature, she easily recognized and organized different objects. Jane from the rehabilitation center shared how they discovered Nibi’s talent in an interview with GeoBeats Animals.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“Nibi was found walking alongside a very busy road. She was only about a week old. Someone pulled over and called us,” Jane said. “We made some efforts for the next few days to try to reunite her. But reuniting with beavers is very rare.” Their team took Nibi to the nearest dam to see if an adult beaver would recognize her cry. Before they could take her in, they needed to ensure that she was actually an orphan — a momma beaver might have been still worriedly searching for her. However, no one showed up for the poor young one, but she gained a family in the rescue center.

The more Jane spent time with the beaver, the more she realized how hard-working and smart she was. Nibi always wanted to be busy, so she engaged in various activities every day. “She has all kinds of enrichment because she’s constantly moving around. If she’s really playful, it’s always the ball. She’s pushing ‘em with her nose and then catching them and then tossing them around,” Jane shared. Interestingly, Nibi can separate work and pleasure — she can recognize a toy from a tree branch for her work. The beaver can choose the perfect tools to build a solid dam. Nibi can organize branches and fit them into the right spot. Perhaps it’s the secret as to why beaver dams are impenetrable.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“So she only puts sticks in it and arranges them in very specific ways. When she’s playing, she only plays with her toys. She won’t play with the sticks. She’ll separate if they’re all in one pile together,” Jane said. Who wouldn’t be amazed by that? Nibi can quickly devise a structured plan even without drawing it first. Jane mentioned that there isn’t much information about beavers in rehabilitation. It was the first time they discovered how beavers can separate work from play. They have fun and then organize — beavers definitely do know about work-life balance. Apart from that, Jane lovingly shared more things about Nibi, which you can find out in the video below. You’ll surely appreciate beavers even more, and they might be your new favorite animal, especially if you’re an engineer.

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