Adoptable Kittens Oreo & Kit Kat are as Sweet as Candy!

Say hello to two of the sweetest kittens you’re ever going to meet, Oreo and Kit Kat! This brother and sister duo are currently being looked after by kindhearted fosters working with the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue in Tucson. The sibs are part of the kitten monsoon that happens each and every spring in Arizona and so many other places around the world.

adoptable kitten Oreo
Photo: SACatRescue

Adoptable Kitty Oreo

Oreo here is a dapper young gent of just 9 weeks old. Besides being sweet and affectionate, curious is the best word to describe this adorable fur baby. His eyes dart all over as he assesses his surroundings — usually while he is perched up in the cat tree.

He often finds ways to get your attention, whether it be by sitting in your lap or pawing at your hands. There is always a nice hello from him, and he definitely wants to be pet, as he’s super sweet and affectionate at all times. Plus, how cute are his multi-color toe beans?!

Already working on socialization skills, Oreo would be great with kids! He is also young enough to adapt to cats, dogs, and many lifestyle situations with proper introductions.

Oreo is neutered, current on his vaccines for his age, dewormed, and microchipped. He’s also house-trained and has no special needs. While it would be terrific if he could be adopted with his equally sweet sister, it is not imperative. If interested in adding this sweet boy to your family, please fill out the adoption application on SACatRescue.

adoptable kitten
Photo: SACatRescue

Adoptable Kitten Kit Kat

Now it’s Kit Kat’s turn for some attention. This beautiful girl is a fun, friendly, and energetic kitten. She always comes over to say hello and get belly rubs. She likes to be held when she isn’t playing with a toy or wrestling with her sibling. There is a real sweetness about her that would make her an adoring family member; a true love bug.

Kit Kat, who is a black and orange Tortoiseshell kitty with a Janus-like split face, would also be terrific with kids! The same age as Oreo with the same socialization skills in place, she is young enough to adapt to cats, dogs, and many different lifestyles with proper introductions.

Kit Kat is spayed, current on vaccines for her age, dewormed, and microchipped. She is also house-trained and has no special needs. If this sweet little girl could be the purrfect addition to your family, please fill out an adoption application.

For more information about either kitten or to learn how to adopt both animals, you can call (520) 200-1643 or email

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