Man Claims Eating Your Food In A Certain Order Makes For Better Health

When you have a plate with a variety of food in front of you, which food do you eat first? Most of us have a system that we use, regardless of whether it is eating the food we like first or eating the food we like last.

There is a man on TikTok who also has his own way of eating food from a plate, and he claims it can prevent blood sugar spikes. That man, Justin, suffers from type II diabetes and he is known for posting videos of monitoring his glucose as he eats food.

Photo: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

Those clips are popular, but two of them recently went viral with millions of views. He did something unusual in those videos, he ate food in a different order and checked his blood sugar levels. It showed that there was a difference according to him.

The first video was posted to TikTok in November. According to the video, the key is to consume high-fiber vegetables first, followed by fats and proteins, then any starches, and finally, sugars.

Justin claims that the reason why this helps is that the fat, fiber, and protein keep your body from digesting simple carbs quickly.

Photo: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

He then referred to a 2015 food order study found in the Diabetes Care journal. He quoted it when saying: “From what I’ve been reading online, this method can actually reduce a blood sugar spike by as much as 75%.”

He ran a test of his own, eating the same meal twice on consecutive days. The meal consisted of broccoli, avocado, tuna, and rice.

Photo: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

The first time he posted a video, he was eating the opposite of what he suggested. In the second video, he followed his own advice.

After eating the food in reverse in the first video, he took a blood sugar test a few hours later which showed it had spiked 33 mg. Although he claims it wasn’t bad, he does admit that it could be better.

@insulinresistant1 Food order and my blood sugar. This is part one to see if this method of eating will reduce a glucose spike. #bloodsugar #insulinresistance #prediabetes #foodorder #insulinresistant1 ♬ original sound – Justin / Stop Spiking Sugar

When he ate the meal in the order he suggested, eating the broccoli, avocado, tuna, and finally the rice, he again took a blood glucose test. He was anxious to take it but waited for his body to begin digesting and then took the test to show that his blood sugar had only gone up 14 mg.

@insulinresistant1 Food order and my blood sugar. This is test number two. Test number one is here @@Justin / Stop Spiking Sugar #bloodsugar##insulinresistance##prediabetes##foodorder##insulinresistant1 ♬ original sound – Justin / Stop Spiking Sugar

Justin said in the clip: “So, for me, it’s quite obvious that this food order method really works, and that’s good news because it gives me a little bit more control over my blood sugar.”

Science does seem to back this up to a certain extent, although the study that Justin did on his own and posted to TikTok is certainly not to be considered a scientific study. It’s always a good idea to speak to qualified medical professionals when it comes to health advice and not rely on what you see on the internet.

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