Orlando Animal Shelter Pleads For Help To Find Over 200 Dogs Homes

Animal shelters continue to take in surrendered and stray animals but are struggling to find adopters and fosters. Many shelters are overcapacity, and some are in crisis mode.

There are only so many kennels, and adoptable dogs could be at risk of euthanasia due to lack of space and adopters. Shelters do all they can to encourage people in the community to adopt or foster to help save lives.

Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) in Orlando, Florida, has over 200 dogs at the shelter and is in desperate need of help. The good boys and girls anxiously waited for the stream of adopters to come on Saturday with hopes that they would be picked. Sadly, not one adopter showed up.

Photo: Facebook/Orange County Animal Services

A heartbreaking video posted on TikTok by @uniquelyk9 shows a kennel full of dogs who all wag their tails whenever someone passes. As they zoom in on some of the adorable dogs, they make a plea to people near and far. “We desperately need adopters. We need fosters and we need networkers to find these animals homes.”

@uniquelyk9 Adoption fees are WAIVED at orange county animal services to help reduce our pet population. We’re doing everything we can to get these dogs into homes but we still need YOU, our community, to help find people to take them in. Can we work together dog lovers to help save lives? #adoptdontshop #shelterdog #rescuedog #adoptadog #rescuedogsoftiktok #rescuedogsrock #dogsoftiktok ♬ Epic – Joystock

They are all good dogs who found themselves in “bad circumstances”.

The shelter has seen an increase in animal surrenders due primarily to rising housing costs and other economic factors. They posted, “In May alone, the shelter received a whopping 361 pets from owners no longer able or interested in caring for them.”

OCAS has decided to waive the adoption fee for all “ready to go” dogs to hopefully help dozens of them find a family of their own.

There are dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds waiting for a home. Check out all the adoptable pets here.

The shelter needs your help. They state, “It will literally cost you nothing to change a life, and save one. If ever there was a time to adopt, that time is now. So please, help us give these animals a second chance at happiness. A second chance at life.”

Help save lives by sharing this story to help the dogs get the attention they need to find their person.

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